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Business Set-Up Ltd.

A German company catering to the individual and business needs of American government service contracting companies, individual contractors and subcontractors, and DoD ID cardholders with SoFA status working in Germany.

American entities with Headquarters in the States who have won a contract with Army, Air Force, Navy or Marines in Germany (on Air Bases) may need our following services.

  • Assistance in obtaining the necessary business license
  • Help with opening of a German bank account
  • Payroll service for employees with a DoD ID card and SoFA stamp in their passport in cooperation with RFP Tax Consulting GmbH
  • Payroll service for German citizen employees and foreigners with a German work permit in cooperation with RFP Tax Consulting GmbH
  • Exemption of German social security payments for qualified employees through certificates of coverage (SSA)
  • German benefits for employees
  • Filling out of VAT forms in order to be exempted from German VAT
  • Accounting services in cooperation with RFP Tax Consulting GmbH
  • Annual report service in cooperation with RFP Tax Consulting GmbH
  • Assistance to American churches and other non-profit organizations and their employees

We have been providing our services to American employers (with companies domiciled in Germany or in the USA) since 2000. During this time we have learned how important it is that Department of Defense contractors find out how the German tax system and social insurance system work.

Individuals that hold DoD ID cards and want to work in Germany need to be informed about German business, tax and social security regulations.

  • Self-employment requirements regarding German business registration, tax payments and other matters
  • Benefits available to those with SoFA status and working as an "employee" of a German company (Social security, retirement contribution refunds, child allowance (Kindergeld), etc.)
  • German government tax liability and filing requirements for individuals in cooperation with RFP Tax Consulting GmbH

Full compliance with German laws and regulations is vital. Non-compliance can result in heavy fines and other serious consequences.

Contact us for more information.

Business Set-Up Ltd.
Kreuzhof 4
66877 Ramstein

Ms. Susanne Lang
Tel: +49 (0) 6371-962316

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