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Apply for a Passport Through Your Installation Passport Agent

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To apply for a passport or a report of birth for your newborn child, go to your installation Passport Agent. The Installation Passport Agent will assist you in completing your forms and ensure that the proper documentation is attached for speedy processing. The Installation Passport Agent will forward the completed forms to the American Consulate General in Frankfurt. The Consulate in Frankfurt and other consulates in Germany, as well as the Consular section at the Embassy in Berlin, are not authorized to accept forms directly from Military personnel and their family members, U.S. civilian employees and their family members or ID card holders with full-benefits (MWR, Commissary, Unlimited Exchange, etc.).

Once receiving the application from the Installation Passport Agent, the Consulate will send your forms to the United States for processing. Turnaround time in non-peak travel season averages four to six weeks after the Consulate has received a properly completed passport application from the Installation Passport Agent. However, turnaround time during peak travel season - traditionally March to August - may cause the processing time to be lengthened significantly.

Consent of Both Parents for Children Under 16

The consent of both parents is required for a passport to be issued to a child under the age of 16. If one parent is absent, a notarized statement of consent from the absent parent must be submitted with the passport application. Under certain circumstances, deployment orders and some powers of attorney may be substituted. Parental consent issues can become complicated. Contact your Installation Passport Agent for answers to questions regarding child custody matters as they pertain to passport issuance.


All Passports Must be Printed in the United States

For security reasons, all full-validity U.S. passports processed through the Consulate General Frankfurt are printed at a stateside Passport Center and are made with a photo-digitized biographical data page.


Plan Ahead

Plan ahead if you want a passport. Even if you do not have particular travel plans when you live abroad it is advisable always to have a valid passport in case of an emergency. Remember that no consulate or embassy overseas can give you a passport on the spot, except under very limited circumstances. Consulates still have the authority to issue emergency or limited passports, but these passports are for verifiable emergency purposes only, are limited to a maximum of one year, and cannot be extended. Emergency circumstances, such as death or grave illness in the family, must be verified with a Red Cross message. PCS moves to the United States do not qualify as emergencies. If you need further clarification, contact your Installation Passport Agent on base.

Service members, family members, and DOD contractors may pick up complete copies of the relevant regulations from their Personnel Office or can find the pertinent information on the Embassy website at or . On this web page you will also find the address, operating hours and phone numbers of all the Passport Agent offices on military installations in Germany.


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